The Plug'N

2010-03-10 21:46:07 by rich591

Want to listen to a new podcast filled with media news and hilarity? My friends and I have made a podcast called The Plug'N, where we talk about the latest movie, TV, music, video games, and tech news! Throughout the show we have all kinds of nerdiness, including boredom cures, shameless plugs, and tech deals gone horribly wrong.

You can catch us every week on iTunes, PodBean, and Podcast Alley.

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The Plug'N

Foxtrot's second episode is currently in the post-production/animation stage, and episode 103 is in the script and brainstorming phase right now. I thought you all would like an update on them to see where the newest episodes are progress-wise.

Anyway, I took the constructive criticism of from comments in the pilot episode to heart, and I've made modifications to the characters to make them look more different in order to make it easier to tell them apart.

I hope that makes it easier for you guys.


Foxtrot: F.O.B. - 102 Pilot Like a Fox Part 2